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Sardinia is seen as an object of every tourist's desire. Publications present her as the "closest of places outside of our world". There is a saying and at times a belief, "God's first creation was Sardinia, he sat back and marvelled at what he created, the following day after he rested, he tried to duplicate the creation, but failed. God named the second creation "Paradise".

Indeed at times visitors have confused Sardinia for paradise, most come back to re-assure themselves. Nature and time have blessed her, citizens compliment her, unmatched beauty in the Mediterranean, she stands alone, guardian of ancient history, cultures and beliefs. Navigating this site gives one the taste of Sardinia, from white sandy beaches and clear sea, rugged mountainous interior, culture and traditions, cities and quaint villages, unique cuisine and wines.

Sardinian holidays 12 months of the year, seaside Villa and Apartment holiday rentals, Hotel (3, 4 and 5 Star), Agriturismo and Bed and Breakfast reservations, Sport Itineraries (Scuba Diving, Kite Surfing, Windsurfing and Golf), Historical and Cultural Tours, Incentives and Conferences. Peruse our list of services, if a particular need arises and is not offered, contact us and we will satisfy your request.

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On line reservations for 4 Star Hotels in the locality of San Pantaleo  and Portisco north of Olbia and Porto Rotondo in north east Sardinia, Italy.

Rocce Sarde Hotel

San Pantaleo

Beach front On line reservations for 4 Star Hotels at the locality of Torre di Bari, 4km from Barisardo, in the Oliastra region of south eastern Sardinia, Italy.

Hotel La Torre

Torre Di Bari

On line reservations for 4 Star Hotel Su Gologone at Oliena and the entrance to the Lanaittu Valley of central Sardinia, Italy.

Hotel Su Gologone

Lanaittu Valley, Oliena