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Portisco - Porto Rotondo - Porto San Paolo

Just south of the Township of Arzachena and its Costa Smeralda is yet another Sardinian coastal jewel, belonging for the most part to the Township of Olbia. This begins in the north at Portisco and south to the seaside community of the Topwnship of Liori which is Porto San Paolo. This is some 52km of spectacular coastline, with some eaqualy amazing holiday retreats with Tourist Ports, white sandy beaches and with exclusive communities eaqual to any on the island. From north to south they are San Pantaleo, Gulf of Cugnana, Porto Rotondo, Gulf of Marinella, Golfo Aranci, Sos Aronzos, Pittulongu, Olbia, Lido Del sole, Punta saline, Murta Maria, Li Cuncheddi, Porto Istana, Costa Corallina and Costa Dorata.

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This web page proposes 3, 4 and 5 Star Hotels in the above listed coastline locations, with links directly below to view information, photos and prices for each of the Domus a su Mari selected Hotels. View any of the structures, select one of preference, for questions or assistance or special offers contact the Domus a su Mari North Sardinia Office, by E-Mail ( or Fax (+39 0784 869036).

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