Hotel Holidays in Sardinia


The Central western coastline of Sardinia is for the most part an unspoiled and untouched coastal holiday oasis, somewhat of a reminder of a time long, when the island was touristically unknown and only locals at times ventured to its shores. This is the coastline of the Province of Oristano, of unmatched beauty and perhaps second to no other on the island but most likely with the least amount of tourism oriented services. From north to south the communities are, Santa Caterina Di Pittinuri, S'Archittu, Is Arenas, San Rocca Tunda, Su Pallosu, Mandriola, Putzu Idu, S'Arena Scoada, Mari Ermi, Is Arutas, San Giovanni di Sinis, Torre Grande, Sant'Antonio Di Santadi, Torre dei Corsari, Torre di Flumentorgiu and Porto Palma.

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This web page proposes 3, 4 and 5 Star Hotels in the above listed coastline locations, with links directly below to view information, photos and prices for each of the Domus a su Mari selected Hotels. View any of the structures, select one of preference, for questions or assistance or special offers contact the Domus a su Mari North Sardinia Office, by E-Mail ( or Fax (+39 0784 869036).

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